From the trenches of World War to the runways of Paris, the trench coat has stood the test of time.

A timeless classic, always regarded as an emblem of quintessential British smart wear, trench coats are an embodiment of sophistication. Popularized in Hollywood movies, and mostly worn by detectives, mobsters and femme Fatales gives the trench its bad-boy rep.

You too can look like you’ve stepped off a movie set by styling the trench coats right.

  1. Keep it simple and masculine by pairing your trench coat with a suit and tie. Minimal, refined and sleek, this classic combination is sure to turn heads.
  2. Wrap up the wool blend trench with a turtleneck underneath and a boldly patterned scarf. The layers will add dimensionally and exude chic vibes. You’ll be snug and comfy without sacrificing the style element.
  3. Want to look like Sherlock Holmes? Tying the belt and flipping the collar up with a monochromatic aesthetic will fit the inconspicuous guise.
  4. Pro tip- It’s always best to choose a loose-fitting coat so it fits over other thick pieces of clothing and is spacious enough for ease of movement. Choosing a well-proportioned trench will add to the streamlined fit. Don’t be afraid to opt for a long trench coat if you are short. The length will elongate your body and flatter your petite frame. Just make sure it’s not too long that you drown, just below the knee is the perfect length.

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