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Raise your hands if you hate underwires compressing your chest and sucking the life out of you. And how many times have you gotten the stink eye from an aunty because your straps were showing? It’s a major fashion no no, plus it’s socially frowned upon. Well, let’s eliminate those bra straps altogether!

Introducing, Support Tank Tops for women by Ghash Tm. These sleek tank tops with a built-in Shelf Bra and adjustable straps will be there for you when others won’t. Made with premium Lycra cotton fabric, these camisoles are super light and breathable. The stretchable fabric hugs your body offering great ease of movement and flattering any body type.

Having to layer your undergarments with multiple straps can be uncomfortable and look a bit tacky. The shelf bra is basically an added piece of fabric attached under the tank top with an elastic rim to provide an extra layer of comfort and support. So, you can wave those boob cages goodbye!

With the Ghash’s Support tank tops, you can get a smooth seamless effect as well as coverage. They can be worn alone as casual loungewear or sleepwear. Slip into one of these tank tops for a relaxing yoga session or get a solid workout done. For a chic summery look, wear it under a kimono or a Cuban shirt.

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