How do our weather forecasters predict the weather in Bangladesh nowadays? It was supposed to get warmer, but wait, it’s chilly again. Mother Nature showed signs of heavy rainfall, but the skin piercing Sun decided otherwise. Hence, to honor these confused professionals, the Ghash presents its collection of Flannel shirts!

Ideal for a cool Fall day and some Spring warmth, we have Winter Flannels. While the Summer Flannels are made with super breathable and light fabric that is totally not too warm and perfect to cope with Global Warming.

Check out our entire range of plaid flannel shirts, packed with features, versatility and comfort. They come in a variety of colors to suit your unique taste and last you for days. Wear them on their own or layer over a T-shirt for a casual street style.

A special feature of the Flannel is its linting effect. This basically means that the material is brushed on both sides to give the fabric its soft texture. Thus, the fabric also requires special care. Avoid washing too often or rinsing and wriggling too much. Also, wash in room-temperature water without harsh chemicals.

To know more about flannels, read our blog, ‘Overdue Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Flannels‘.

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