A T-shirt is perhaps one of the staple pieces in one’s wardrobe.  It’s super versatile with endless utility. You can wear a tee on its own or layer it under a shirt or jacket. Either way, it does wonders in elevating any basic look by acting as an accent piece.

This is why the Ghash has decided to reimagine an everyday essential and introduce its unique line of unisex T-shirts.

Our locally designed T-shirts are made with ultra-soft premium Lycra cotton, making them extremely comfortable and durable. Plus, the T-shirts being unisex allows anybody to easily incorporate them into their wardrobe with ease.

Moreover, the rounded crewneck collar with ribbed detail adds something extra to an otherwise simple tee.

We have solid colored half-sleeved T-shirts with amazing fit as well as oversized drop-shoulder statement tees. Check out our collection and grab one asap!

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