A staple of any edgy, coming of age wardrobe is an oversized or baggy T-shirt. It’s a modern take on 80’s nostalgia and retro street style.

At Gorur Ghash, we’re a sucker for anything retro. So, we too jumped on the oversized hype. Our range of drop shoulder tees come in an array of bold pops and pastel hues and retro fonts, channelling that 70’s and 80’s aesthetic.

Rethink the classic T-shirt without having to look ordinary because these are no ordinary T-shirts. Keeping in line with pop culture, these statement drop-tees come with a mind of their own and a whole lotta attitude.

The unisex tees offer endless options for everyday smart-casual styling. And the oversized nature of the drop tees allows you to be stylish and comfy at the same time.

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